Sunday, March 8, 2009

how to get free stuff pt. II

Coke Rewards - seriously! you don't know how many people i know wh ojust throw out their coke caps. i've gotten a whole bunch of 20 oz cokes for free!
Cash Crate - fill out surveys and other forms and make money (just remember to use fake info). i got a $20 check from them not too long ago so it's def legit! they even have a twitter.
Free Samples Blog - pretty self explanatory.
Free Grabber - grab some freebies!
Craigslist - people want to give away things for free all the time.
  • do a package exchange, give old stuff you don't want away and get cool new things in return.
  • clothing swaps! look for ones in your area.
  • check your favorite stores and restaurants for free giveaway days. try searching facebook events for free pancakes, ice cream, coffee, and other freebies.

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