Thursday, February 19, 2009

first post

so i decided to create a blog. i'm not really sure where i'm going to go with it. i intend to post about art, artists, quotes i like, things that make me happy, good writing, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

i think a good place to start is with the title of this blog. it's the title of a poem by jeffrey mcdaniel:

If you heard your lover scream in the next room
and you ran in and saw his pinkie on the floor, in a small puddle of blood.

You wouldn't rush to the pinkie and say,
'Darling, are you OK? '

No, you'd wrap your arms around his shoulders
and worry about the pinkie later.

The same holds true if you heard the scream,
ran in and saw his hand or -god forbid- his whole arm.

But suppose you hear your lover scream in the next room,
and you run in and his head is on the floor next to his body.

Which do you rush to and comfort first?

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