Sunday, February 22, 2009

how to get free stuff

i consider myself to be a master at getting free things. the amount of beauty products, food, samples, etc. i have received in the last few years has certainly saved me some money and allowed me to try some fantastic new products! i figured it was time to share the wealth (u see wut i did thar) and give you some tips so you can get some freebies too.

  • Beauty Blitz more of a contest but still, enter daily to win beauty products. i already won under eye cream and a heating hair treatment!

free stuff tips
  • create an email address just for freebies. some of the sites tend to send a lot of spam.
  • use a fake phone number. you don't want calls at 2am, do you?
  • use a fake name if you want..the less information you give out the better. i use one very close to my actual name in case the mailman get's confused.
  • if it looks kind of shady, it probably is.
  • search free stuff/things/freebies on google. i am sure you will find more free things!

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